the doctor you can trust for your fue hair transplant in pakistan

WHO CAN YOU TRUST!!!!!!! The best take home message in ISHRS 2019 World Congress. Always choose your doctor carefully. Who will perform your procedure? Don’t be a victim of bad hair transplant marketing. The invasive parts of hair transplant surgery should be performed only by a doctor specially in fue hair transplant surgery where patients get trapped by fake marketing tools like laser hair transplant, fue with micro injector, fue with machines, auto injector fue, sapphire fue, ice fue and special promotional low price fue hair surgery. All these terminologies are fake just to get the patient attention. Hair transplant black market is grooming day by day just because patients don’t do details search before choosing a hair transplant clinic. Don’t make the price of hair transplant the only criteria. Your donor is very precious and limited don’t just sacrifice it for the sake of few rupees.
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