PRP Treatment For Hair Loss With Dr PRP Power Easy PRP Gun System In Pakistan

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Body FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan
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  • European Standard Facility Center In Pakistan
  • FDA Approved Laser
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • 5000+ Satisfied Clients

FUE Plus Hair Transplant

We are using most advance technologies for FUE Hair Transplant In Pakistan

Face & Body Hair Transplant

Face & Body hair transplant using most advance FUE Plus technique In Pakistan

Burn Hair Transplant

We are expert in body burn Hair Transplant, we are the most advance facilitiy center In Pakistan

Eyebrow & Eyelashes Hair Transplant

We are expert of Eyebrow & Eyelashes Hair Transplant which is the most sensitive hair transplant.

Body Fue Hair Transplant

Body FUE All Steps Video Performed By Dr. Jawad Ch.

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About FUE Pakistan

Dr. Jawad opened Gujrat’s first surgical facility dedicated to Hair Transplantation & cosmetic surgery in 2007. The surgical facility at GHT in Gujrat is one of its kind by UK trained and qualified doctor. Patient care is constantly monitored through a rigorous quality assurance program. Our team of doctors and paramedics specialize in outpatient anesthesia. State of the art cosmetic technology combined with the utmost in privacy is the hallmark of your surgical experience at GHT Hair Transplantation & Laser Surgery Center.

  • European Standard Facility Center In Pakistan
  • FDA Approved Laser
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • 5000+ Satisfied Clients

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  • Hello dear!

    I am doing fine, I am glad to say that there overall has been an improvement in my frontal hair density.

    I had my hair cut by a local hair stylist, and he cut it very short (my guess would be somewhere between 7-9 mm in the back), I got quite worried, but when I checked my scar area in a mirror I couldn’t seen any signs of a scar and none of my friends ever mentioned anything, so I guess the scar area also has gone through an great improvement that breaks up the line like appearance. Excellent – Thank you


    Yasin, Spain